2016 - Handmade in America

Professional Craft Show

Tuckahoe, NJ - The Third Annual “Handmade in America” Professional Craft Show occurred at the Upper Township Community Center on Saturday, November 19. Vendors were chosen by invitation only, and every vendor came from New Jersey. Every item in the show was made by skilled craftsmen, so everything was literally “handmade in America.” Show hours were from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Free admission is standard at this show, but donations are always welcome.

 Photos courtesy of Mike Horan.

IMG 2229


The Tuckahoe Merchant's (GTAMA) believe this year’s show was another big success. We had a great turnout with almost 50 top-notch vendors and around 600 visitors and shoppers who enjoyed all of the many fine crafts on display. Many really enjoyed the delicious food as well. The GTAMA sends thanks to EVERYONE who volunteered. You were all absolutely AWESOME!

This show would not have been possible without help from everyone, including our scholarship recipients and their families. This event, which benefits students in our community through our annual scholarships, truly shows Tuckahoe's sense of community spirit.